Vera Rosner

Vera Rosner
photo: Thomas Richter

Vera Rosner bei Jattle, BAM + Poetry Seestadt     Vera Rosner in Everybody Electric Tel Aviv       Vera Rosner
Fotos: Bella Kunz,  J. Katz, Stefan Wolner (ORF-Kulturmontag)

Vera Rosner (formerly Rebl) was born in Vienna and is a DanceAbility trainer, choreographer,
dancer and quality manager, lives in Vienna.

Since 2006 she has been leading an open workshop group every week, since 2011 she founded
an advanced training group and teaches a variety of workshop formats in Austria and
several countries in Europe (Germany, Portugal, Italy, Finland ...).

From 2005 to 2009 she danced with Danse Brute.
In 2008 she founded the compagnie A.D.A.M., with which she performed 6 tanzen, Auf freiem Fuß, Flora, dancing with paints, ...

As a performer she was last seen on the stage in Gala by Jerôme Bel,
Habitat and Everybody Electric by Doris Uhlich.

Vera is co-founder and at the board of MAD Coproductions and DanceAbility Vienna.